Initials Inc. vs. Thirty One Gifts

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Our Overview

Initials Inc and Thirty One Gifts may be very similar when it comes to their product line but a closer look at both these companies would show you that there are several differences that are worth noting, especially if you are in the process of deciding which company to join. Initials Inc offers free personalization on all of their products, offering a wide selection of font styles and colors whereas Thirty One Gifts offers personalization for an additional fee, although minimal.

While both companies offer several bag selections; from women’s handbags and purses to children’s bags and travel bags, Thirty One Gifts still offers a wider selection compared to Initials, Inc, as Thirty One also offers products for men and more options for organizing containers. Thirty One Gifts also has had more experience in direct sales than Initials Inc but those looking for a company with the best ground floor opportunity might find Initials Inc to be a better option, as there are fewer consultants representing the company.

When it comes to compensation, while both companies offer a base commission of 25%, Thirty One Gifts offers more income potential, as they offer higher downline commissions for those who decide to sponsor consultants and build a team. Nonetheless, both companies offer quite the business opportunity and it is up to you to decide whether you want to make the most out of Initials Inc’s ground floor opportunity or Thirty One Gifts’ higher commission rates.

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