Willow House vs. Blessings Unlimited

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Our Overview

Willow House and Blessings Unlimited have set the benchmark for great home décor. From dinnerware, trays and vases, to table accents and outdoor décor, both companies offer decorative and functional pieces that can transform any home into an interior design masterpiece. What differentiates Blessings Unlimited from Willow House, however, is that the former offers home décor marked with inspirational messages of love, hope, and faith and the latter offers jewelry among its many product offerings.

When it comes to compensation, both companies offer the same rates on retail sales but Willow House offers higher sponsorship commissions. Having two companies of the same product base and of equal regard to good design and quality makes it a bit difficult to decide which one offers a better opportunity. For those looking for new ground floor opportunities in direct sales, Willow House may prove to be a better option, as it is newer to the industry than Blessings Unlimited. If you want the advantage of being one of the few people to first introduce a particular line of products in your town, you might really enjoy Willow House since it was only established recently.

However, those who want to inspire people with inspiring messages that foster great relationships alongside attractive décor might be more interested with what Blessings Unlimited has to offer.

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